Saturday, January 1, 2011

Activity #16 Goals for 2011

Happy January 1st, 2011!!!  

Today is the day to start fresh.  Let's make some goals (resolutions) for our reading/blogging lives and post them on our blogs in order to let the world know what we plan to do.  We need some accountability. I know I do.  So, tell us what you are going to try to accomplish in 2011 and come back and link using Mr. Linky.

Here are my plans:

1. Read more.  Here is what I've read the last couple of years:
2008 - 113
2009 - 115
2010 - 107
I'm really want to read more than this.  I'd like to read at least 150 books in 2011.  I don't think anything more than that is realistic, but I'll take it if I just so happen to go over 150. 

2.  I want to write my reviews in a timely manner. I need to write the review as soon as I finish a book.  What has been happening is as soon as I finish a book I pick up my next one and just keep reading and never take a break to write the review for the one I just finished.  It becomes a vicious cycle. My goal is to have a review for EVERY book I read (young adult) on my blog.

Your turn.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, I am horrible about writing reviews in a timely manner! But I have a solution this year! I have a voice recorder that I use when I do NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy, but I'm going to use it while I'm reading. That way when I'm ready to write my reviews I can go back and listen to my, of course, brilliant thoughts on the book. :)


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