Sunday, December 26, 2010

Activity #10 Books As Gifts

Yesterday was Christmas - the day when most people exchange a few gifts. Being book lovers like we are it stands to reason that we either received books or gave books for Christmas. In this activity I want you to tell us what books (or book related materials) you received or gave this holiday season. If they were books you gave to others - tell us who they were for. Be sure to link your post below using Mr. Linky. Here is my example:

I purchased two books for my mother.
THE CONFESSION by John Grisham (audio book)

TWILIGHT EYES by Dean Koontz

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any books as gifts. I guess everyone figured I have enough to keep me occupied for now. :)


  1. This ones a good one! :D Happy Holidays!

  2. #7 Should read Beverly @Booklady's Booknotes. I guess I just had not had enough coffee this morning. The link is good though.

    I love seeing what everyone gave/bought. I think books are the best gifts!

    Beverly aka Bookwoman


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