Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Activity #13 Book Character Best Friends

You may think I'm crazy, but oh well.....I probably am.  Sometimes when I read a book I love a character so much that I think, "You know, if he/she were a real person I could really be friends with him/her." Some authors just have a knack for writing lovable characters. So, think about some of the characters you have gotten to know over your years of reading. Who would be your best friend (or at least a friend of some kind) if he/she were real?  Here are some of mine:

  • Shane Collins from THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRE Series could totally be my boyfriend. 
  • Jace Wayland from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Trilogy could also be my boyfriend.
  • I think I could get along with Scarlet and Rosie March from SISTERS RED.
  • I loved Nastasya from IMMORTAL BELOVED. Her sense of humor would really mesh with mine.


  1. Great choices - Simon would be my Mortal Instruments boyfriend.

  2. Um, there is a problem with this! Jace is already my boyfriend...


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